January 31, 2014

Success has Energy


Success is not a ‘thing’ out there in the future. Nor is it simply an outcome or a mythical destination you’ll arrive at once all the hard work is over. It’s not just a result. It’s not just what the ego pushes you toward.

Success is also the path you take to get there.

As you’re working hard and building your version of success, you bring energy to your work. That energy will meet you once you’ve arrived at your final destination.

Want to experience your success as the fulfilling attainment of worthy goals? Then set out to achieve your goals in fulfilling ways.

Want to experience your success as a balanced and mindful life? Then set out to achieve your goals in a balanced and mindful way.

Want to experience your success as frenetic, depleting, and as a row of boxes to be checked? Then set out to achieve your goals in rigid, panicky, life-sucking ways.

Most people don’t want to end up in a stressed out, regretful state of success. Yet, many of us bring stressed out and empty energy to our work.

Whatever success is for you will be experienced in direct proportion to the emotions and experiences you put into getting there.

It’s illogical to think that you can operate in a stress-filled deficit for years in order to achieve your desired outcome and then one day—when you scale your company, write your book, earn your millions, retire—you’ll suddenly morph into a more balanced and fulfilled human being in order to experience all that success.

I don’t know if I’ll ever really arrive at “success.” As soon as I accomplish one thing that I thought would feel like success, I tend to add another thing. It drives me to keep striving. But it also stresses me out.

So, I’m learning to enjoy the ride. I try to find balance and time with friends. I try to turn off my phone and eat dinner with my kids. I try to stay centered.

Balance takes work. Happiness takes work. Calm takes work.

I’m working on them now though because they are the things I want in my life on the road to success.

And they’re the things I want waiting for me if I ever get there.





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